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    Scope of Chemical Engineering In India
    Posted on Mar 14,2015 by Sarvottam Institute of Technology and Managenent
    Introduction :

    Chemical engineering is highly profitable and interesting branch with a huge scope in India. It’s a fluke that they have to work in dangerous environment.
    Chemical engineers work in safe environment and direct contact with chemicals is minimum. Chemical engineers in India recruited in various sectors. Such as petroleum, petrochemicals, fertilizers ,paper, pharmaceuticals ,rubber, organic and inorganic industries etc.

    Petroleum and the pharmaceutical sectors are booming now a days and quite in demand. 
    Chemical Engineering is the one of the core branches of engineering, and in the course you would realize its a lot interesting that the chemistry subject you had until 12th.

    In chemical engineering you are mainly dealing with physical chemistry and you would learn some interesting subject of other disciplines as well like Piping, Optimization, Strength of material etc. Also the practicals you have here are far more interesting than most other streams.

    Education And Work:

    Chemical Engineering involves the design and maintenance of chemical plants and the development of chemical processes for converting raw materials or chemicals into valuable forms including those even to remove chemicals from waste materials ,to enable large-scale manufacturing.

    It is a combination of 
    knowledge of Chemistry and Engineering for the production of chemicals and its related by-products. This branch of engineering is a vast field, covering all the areas from nanotechnology and biotechnology to mineral processing.
    It covers various fields of chemical technology in mineral based industries,pharmaceuticals, petrochemical plants, synthetic fibers etc. Chemical engineers design and operate chemical plants and improve methods of production.

    What You Need To Know about Chemical Engineering?

    Like every other engineering stream, Chemical Engineering is based on the fundamentals of physics, mathematics and chemistry.
    Therefore, you must have an adequate 
    knowledge in these subjects in order to excel as a chemical engineer. Chemical engineers are paid well but finding a good core job is not smooth sailing as this field does not have as many job openings as software and management sectors.

    Chemical engineering students who are interesting in working or specializing in other related sectors such bio-medical, nanotechnology, environmental engineering and biotechnology are having more 
    opportunities in abroad as these sectors are still developing in India.

    Job Opportunities In India:

    Chemical Engineering jobs are highly paying jobs. Chemical Engineers have lots of job options in manufacturing industries like tyre manufacturing , food ,nanotechnology ,biotechnology, mining process, synthetic fibers, plastic, power production, nuclear energy ,material science, engineering design etc. Students, who dream to be in research field, can fulfill their aim through this career, as there are some graduates who prefer to work in laboratories.

    A good number of students also turn into a Chemical Engineering professor in top institutes or Universities. These engineers have also opportunity to work in government sector. Candidates can choose to work in defense establishment, atomic power plant, power conservation projects, recycling department or healthcare related projects. Chemical engineers are in demand throughout sectors.

    List of Chemical Engineering Companies in India:

    • Reliance Industries

    • Essar Oils

    • Gujrat Oils

    • ONGC

    • BPCL

    • Indo Gulf Fertilizers

    • Honeywell

    • Aditya Birla Chemicals

    • Indian Druga and Pharmaceuticals

    • Narmada Colours Pvt ltd.

    • L&T

    • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.
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