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  • SAI is a Venture of Brilltech Group and Verve Alliance, in direction to support and increase the awareness of education by organizing the noncore areas of school . Education sector in our country is enormous and unorganized. SAI is a parent-focused step in the direction to provide every possible support and information about school, admission and facility provided by the school.

    We as a group company of a Engineering oriented company value to the importance of right education to every student. Thus SAI is an effort in direction to help parents opt the best from the best. We provide impeccable and accurate reliable information about school, its education process admission deadlines, fee structure etc.

    Today Lives of working parents are so fast that they seldom find time to bourse through every possible school in area, stand in long lines to get admission form creating a fuzz and a chance to get a better and future for there ward. Insufficient knowledge about a school also causes hindrance and stress in parents. We at SAI provide one click search option for all users that saves all the efforts and time and information can be accessed about school's various other options in education field to shape a better future for these children.

    SAI also provides a cutting edge support to schools to manage and market right information about them, As a lot of schools are not easy to approach due to fast paced life of parents. This portal gives an edge to schools to select the best of minds of country. As they say  “A BRIGHT MIND NEEDS A BEST NURTURING THAT IS THROUGH THE BEST EDUCATION IN RIGHT DIRECTION“.

    This also gives an edge to the parents and schools interaction .As due to the tough working hours of parents most of the applications and phone calls go unanswered.

    We at SAI provide schools with call back facility and Email response system. Which not only support parents but also provide schools to respond all the enquiries, which they get throughout the day.

    Our top Notch Email response system helps schools to deliver accurate information without any time constraint to the parents in the need. All the inquiries are answered and give satisfaction on to the parents about the school and its services. We take schools to a different platform that works internationally.

    A good visibility on all major portals across the globe, detailed information is about schools provided to parents. We work on the noncore areas of the school that makes out work more accurate and helps school to focus on future of the students.

    Our Vision
    Our Mission is to create and deliver accurate information to our clients and to organize the unorganized sector of education. An accurate and user-friendly business model not only promotes education but also helps bright minds to get a better learning experience they deserve.

    We deliver more than just promises and dreams, our capacity to collaborate with parents and schools results in a very efficient knowledge pool.

    This approach is designed to help both and parents and schools in very efficient and effective, so we call it  “Collaborative Education Support“.

    Our Vision is also to be a global leader and service provider in education sector . We work to bring the education availability to the next direction and dimension, where people can know and explore better learning and hence creating and developing empowered future citizens.

    Our Mission
    School Admission Information is harbinger of the future of education sector in India. It will transform the students and parents understanding of education system bringing its knowledge and availability to unheard the standard. Through a nascent firm based out in New Delhi India , We at SAI invoke the best in in ourselves to render our deliverables.

    Our Commitments to our clients ,Quality and Purpose help us carve a niche in the education eco-Space, Integrity , Transparency and authenticity being the established canon law at SAI.

    In a challenging India Education Segment , where the unknown and variables are huge we at SAI make it simple and approachable . In Simple words … SAI is in its Details & Approach.
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