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    Posted on Mar 28,2015 by AstroGyangranth

    INTRODUCTIONRudraksha, Sanskrit: rudrākṣa ("Rudra's eyes"), is a seed is traditionally used for prayer beads in hinduism. Rudraksha stems from Hindu mythology and means "the eyes of Shiva". The mythology that surrounds the Rudraksha is that the Hindu god Shiva meditated on the welfare of all mankind and cried tears of compassion, peace and joy.


    TYPES OF RUDRAKSHA: mainly it is of three types:

    Nepali Rudraksha Bead

    Indonesian Rudraksha Bead

    Indian Rudraksha Bead

    Nepali Rudraksha Bead and Indonesian Rudraksha Bead

    Species: Rudrakshas from Nepal & Indonesia both belong to the “Elaeocarpus Granitrus Roxb.” Family as they both share the same internal structure though there might be slight differences on the external surface.

    Variety: Both Nepal & Indonesia produce Rudrakshas right from 2 mukhi to 21 mukhi, Gaurishanker, Ganesha, savar & trijudi Rudraksha. Rudrakshas like 1 mukhi & 22 mukhi to 38 mukhi are rarely produced. Whereas Rudraksha from India range from 1 mukhi to 7 mukhi. To check out the different varieties of Rudrakshas visit Multifaceted Rudrakshas.

    Mukhis / Facets: The mukhis / facets of Nepalese & Indian Rudrakshas are very well formed, defined & have deep groove cavities on the outer surface, whereas the facets of Indonesian Rudrakshas are just like thread lines slightly etched in the outer surface, hardly a few beads would have deep grooves.

    Shape: Rudrakshas from both Nepal & Indonesia share a common shape, 2 & 3 mukhi Rudrakshas from both the origins are elliptically round in shape whereas 5,6,7,8 are mostly round, 9 to 21 & above are oval with a concave top & bottom.

    Center hole: Rudrakshas from all the origins have a natural center hole, the center hole may not be very well defined from 3 mukhi to 7 mukhi in either origins. The center hole is absent in Indian Rudrakshas, they have to be drilled by hand. Usually the center hole is covered with the pulp (outer coating), which at times just requires to be hand cleaned before stringing.

    Availability: Original Nepalese & Indonesian Rudrakshas are rare to find since lot of faking is going on, lower valued Rudrakshas are being converted into high value beads with the help of skilled artisans. Whereas the Indian Rudrakshas are commonly available. Faking of 1 mukhi half moon shaped from India has increased tremendously & a few well informed Indian 2 mukhis are sold as Nepalese origin at a higher price.

    Demand: The demand of higher faceted Nepalese Rudrakshas is more than its supply, whereas the demand & supply of Indonesian Rudrakshas are equal to each other. In terms of Indian Rudrakshas the supply is excess than its demand. Indian Rudraksha Bead Indian Rudraksha has cells or Mukhis which differ in numbers. A facet is a line or groove which runs from one end to of Rudraksha to the other end. In ancient epic like Shiv Puran, Shri Mad Devi Bhagwat, Padmpuran etc. Rudraksha upto 14 Mukhis have been described along with their effects and purpose for which they are useful. Hight Mukhi Rudraksha from 15 to 27 Mukhis have also been found in the later countries their benefits recorded as per experience of the learned people. There are other Rudraksha like Gauri Shankar (two Rudraksha having naturally joined on the tree), Ganesha (a Rudraksha having trunk like protrusion on its body) Sawar (a Gauri Shankar in which one bead has only one line or Mukhi), Trijuti (three Rudraksha beads joined naturally on the tree.

    Effects of Rudraksha on Human Being : The Rudraksha is slowly but surely making its way into the lives of the health conscious human beings. The Rudraksha helps in relieving from blood pressure and lessening stress. Soak it in a glass of water overnight and drink it the next day to relieve stomach disorders. Dip it in any vegetable oil for 21 days, and apply it on your aching joints and feel the relief you get. Of course, most people who have tried this have done so along with their regular medicine, but another approach the Rudraksha with a mixture of open mindedness and faith, rationalism as well as emotion, to get positive feedback that is why many who put it under their pillow have sworn that it cured them of their insomnia.

    Benefits of Rudraksha Bead :

     Rudraksha worshipped as a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medical values, success, financial gains and for eradication of evil forces.

    One chaturmukha ( 4 faces) Rudraksha and one shanmukha (6 faces) Rudraksha tied together with copper wire and wearing with red thread as a (talisman) shiva shakti locket will improve the attentiveness, memory growth, interest in studies, etc., Boon for studies and aged, pundit’s, astrologers, leaders, etc.

    For the bite of a Scorpion or other such creatures panchamukhi Rudraksha can be rubbed on a grind stone with the juice of a lemon and the paste applied on the affected spot. Pain will subside.

    Those who takes the bath by keeping 9 (nine) Rudrakshas in water will get benefits equally to Ganga Jal Bathing and energy gaining.

    The process of Japa increases spiritual power and self-confidence to move in multi direction of life. Therefore, Rudraksha seeds are found be useful for providing health benefits as well as helps in gaining spiritual success.

     Wearing Rudraksha results in the destruction of sins from previous birth that cause difficulties in the present life.

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