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    Posted on Sep 11,2014 by rahul
    Understanding the online behaviour of prospective students is key in today's education marketing. Nuffic published several reports about the preferred web portals and online behaviour of students in 2011. The reports covering Taiwan, Thailand and Korea have now been completely updated and are available on the Nuffic market information website. Social media in Thailand Social networks have gained a prominent place in Thai Internet usage. Consequently, the reach of traditional banner advertisements has diminished in favour of advertisements on large social networks. The major brands operating in Thailand already make use of this change in online behaviour. Nuffic Neso Thailand advises Dutch higher education institutions to do the same. Blogging in Taiwan Eight-six per cent of the Internet users in Taiwan have read blogs, and almost 71% of them have created a blog themselves. This shows the high demand for sharing content online. It also implies that positive comments made online about a Dutch higher education institution can reach a wide audience. Dutch institutions are recommended to make use of this trend by utilising the social media in Taiwan. Study-abroad portals in Korea Korean students extensively use study-abroad web portals to find information on studying abroad. The portals are often run by agents on online communities. Institutions can use these online communities to show advertisements. Another trend, also seen in the other two counties, is the increased usage of mobile devices to access the Internet.
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