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    Lord Maharvira, Sector 29, Noida
    School Type: Private School
    Teaching Medium: ENGLISH
    Location: Sector 29
    City: Noida
    State: Uttar Pradesh
    Affiliation: C.B.S.E
    Address : Sector-29, Noida
    Facilities : Academic Block ,Computer Lab,Transport Available
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    : Lord Maharvira
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    LORD MAHAVIRA SCHOOL is managed by LORD MAHAVIRA CHARITABLE SOCIETY, Registered all India, Consisting of EDUCATIONISTS & ADMINISTRATORS. Team spirit, dedication to purpose, patriotic out-look and desire to serve the society with an eye on its perfection are the qualities sought to be created by the school. This type of education is all the more necessary these days when indiscipline and unpatriotic tendencies are infecting the school going small children also. The school has canteen, uniform shop and a book-shop in the school. All note books and uniforms should bear the school name & monogram and should be purchased from school book-shop/uniform shop. The school has arranged a qualified Doctor for regular check-up of the students and advice from time to time. The school provides a lot of facilities for indoor & outdoor games. To inspire the students to develop a comprehensive spirit and habits of observing etiquettes and the code of conduct both in school and on playground, we hold an annual sports day, which is one of the unique function’s of the school.

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