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    Little Creative Minds, Greater Kailash Enclave I , New Delhi
    School Type: Play Group School
    Teaching Medium: ENGLISH
    Location: Greater Kailash Enclave I
    City: New Delhi
    State: Delhi
    Affiliation: Board Of Higher Secondary Education - Delhi
    Address : Greater Kailash Enclave I , New Delhi
    Facilities : Academic Block
    School Posted by
    : Little Creative Minds
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    We started Little Creative Minds in 1992. Our objective was to convey an INTELLIGENT Playschool programme. A programme that is a happy blend of Montessori and Play-way methodology. Right from its inception, Little Creative Minds focused on every aspect of a child’s growth. Each of our 5 programmes is designed to build cognitive, emotional, social and physical skills. The emphasis therefore, is to nurture curiosity and the innate abilities of a child through a spectrum of exploratory learning experiences. Little Creative Minds provides a non-judgmental and a totally fun learning experience. Children learn to relax, respect themselves, and cultivate a joyous sense of wellbeing.

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    Reviews For Little Creative Minds

    Review User
    Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 24 Apr 2017
    Your company provide a personal service which in this day and age of call centres is rare.
    Review User
    Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 23 Apr 2017
    I appreciate the fast service you have given us .Thanks..
    Review User
    Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 22 Apr 2017
    High level of professionalism.
    Review User
    Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 21 Apr 2017
    I can finally get rid of my local service, thank you.
    Review User
    Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 20 Apr 2017
    With this great helpful customer service when it is needed. I’ve had no problems at all, everything has been fine.
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